5 Tips for Thanksgiving Outdoor Decoration

1. Use A Lush Wreath Of All Natural Autumn Foliage

Make your front door pop with a natural fall wreath filled with realistic artificial leaves and pinecones.

2. Mix-and-Match Fall Display

Of course, utilize tons of vibrant pumpkins but don’t leave them feeling lonely. We love all that fall has to offer — pumpkins, flowers, baskets, and leaves! No need to pick a favorite! Do a mix-and-match design featuring several pretty ideas: gourds pouring from an upturned basket, thick lush moss, dried hydrangeas in a tin vase, and scattered leaves around the whole display.

3. Glittering Leaf Garland

Fall doesn’t have to mean red and orange. Spruce up classic maple leaves by adding glitter! You can use this garland to dress up doors, windows, or even your porch railing!

4. Tin Basin Garden

Show off your gardening skills with an old tin basin filled with fall flowers. Just get a tin basin, place pots of croton shrubs or mums in the center of the basin. Surround the front with droopy dried wheat, and fill the back with tall grasses. Give the look an extra pop with dark cornhusks.

5. Hanging Gourd Vase

Make your railings extra fancy with a beautiful gourd vase. Cut a 1- to 2-inch hole near the neck of a swan gourd. Remove a bit of the pith, and tuck in black-eyed Susans, mums, sunflowers, or a Virginia creeper.


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