An Inside Look Of The Life-cycle Costs Of Your Roof

When investing in a new roof from a reputable roofing company, like Reliant Roofing, it’s extremely important to consider the expenses across the lifespan of the roof. This includes both upfront costs as well as life-cycle costs. The most cost effective roof system is the one that costs the least over its life. Instead of focusing on just the cost of the roof installation, home owners should focus more on the roof system that will give the lowest life cycle cost which typically results in a higher installation cost. Contrary to what most people think, the initial installed cost is not the dominant factor in the overall life cycle cost of a roof. The expected life of a given roof in a given environment has the most impact on the roof’s overall life cycle cost.


Upfront cost is how much you pay for the installation. This includes the materials, supplier transportation, the installation, the labor, and any additions to the roof (such as new sky lights or shingle upgrades). Remember that different materials have different prices attached, depending on how heavy they are and how hard they are to install.


Life-cycle costs include all expenses you will incur for your roof throughout its service life. When considering life-cycle costs, think about how often you’ll need to pay for roof repair and maintenance. You should also think about the projected service life of the roofing material you’ve chosen.


Summers in North Florida can do a number on your roof. From May 1 to November 1 we experience scorching heat, heavy rains, and massive summer storms (and hurricanes!). High quality asphalt shingles are designed to sustain even the worst weather, but cheaper shingles and improper installation can cause them to curl, crack, or even blister. If you notice blisters on your shingles, call a roofing company who specializes in asphalt shingle repair.


Other factors should also be included in this analysis such as cost savings. Energy costs savings can provide a huge return on investment over time.


The best kind of roof balances both upfront and life-cycle costs for an overall cost-effective project. This usually boils down to maintenance and material. Maintenance helps reduce the need for repairs and premature replacement by professional roofers. With it, you clean up your roof and address minor issues while they’re still easy and inexpensive to deal with. Many of these important maintenance items and semi-annual roof reviews are offered by roofing contractors in bundled maintenance packages with an annual service charge, or could possibly be covered in warranty. Do your research before investing.

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