Check Out This Awesome Mid-Century Modern Restoration Project We Helped With!

In 2017 we had a very cool opportunity to help restore the famous Butterfly House in Arlington. Built in 1957, it had gone through a rough period until the current owners decided it was time to restore the home back to its original, mid-century modern glory. The roof was in especially bad shape, and we were glad to take on the challenge!

We’re really proud of how everything turned out, and we even got a shout-out from the owners in an interview on TRYSTCRAFT.com. Check it out!

The Butterfly House was built in 1957 for the Jacksonville Parade of Homes. Located in Arlington, the structure’s iconic inward sloping roofs quickly earned the home its nickname. After years of neglect, by 2015 the home was in rough shape. Fortunately, it is now in wonderful condition after a thorough restoration by its new owner. Click here to read the article on www.TRYSTCRAFT.com

Image credit: Bruson_Design