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A good roof protects our home, keeps us dry and shelters us from storms. It’s something that some of us take for granted, but for many people in our community, the effects of Hurricane Matthew were devastating. For some of these families, the cost of replacing a damaged roof was simply beyond their reach. We knew there was an opportunity to help and that’s why Reliant Roofing created our Every Shingle Heart Initiative.

The original intention of the program was to rally our social community to submit nominations for themselves or other people that they believed would be well-deserving and much in need of a roof replacement. Through our social marketing we received over 200 nominations and many were heartfelt and much deserving.

The second phase of the initiative was the narrow the list down to three finalists and have our audience choose the final winner of the First Annual Every Shingle Initiative 2017 giveaway. As the nominations started coming in, it became clear that helping just one family would not be enough. We eventually decided to selected all three finalists as recipients of the first annual ESH initiative. Our Every Shingle Heart Initiative provided more than just a few new roofs.  For these deserving families, this initiative offered peace of mind and relief from a major source of stress in their lives. In turn, the team at Reliant Roofing received inspiration and motivation to continue the work in our local community to serve others in need.

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