Your home is one of your greatest investments. Protecting it from hurricanes should be a top priority. The massive wind gusts in hurricanes can be strong enough to detach the roof of your house from the mainframe and cause other serious damage. Even without strong winds, smaller wind storms can create leaks, which leads to wood rot. Here are some precautions to protect your house during Florida’s hurricane season.

Get a FREE Roof Inspection 

Contact your Jacksonville roof repair specialist, Reliant, to help you inspect your roof. Our Assessment Specialists have the knowledge and experience to find faults in the roof and can determine whether it can handle a hurricane. We will also check for loose shingles, leaks and cracked caulk. You will then receive a detailed report after the inspection and the opportunity for a virtual consultation. Our consultation and report will include recommendations, life expectancy estimate, and the cost of repairs or replacement.

Clean Your Gutter and Drainage Systems 

Gutters can make or break the integrity of your home. We encourage you to hire a roofer that also does gutter installation to avoid hurting your roof in the process. New gutters will help you prevent mold growth, top-soil erosion and damage to your foundation. A hurricane comes with rain capable of causing serious damage. You want to make sure your gutters and drainage systems are free to conduct water effectively in the event of a storm. Get rid of all the debris from the drainage systems. Ensure the gutters are clear so that the rainwater can flow through them easily. You may need a roofing contractor to help you clean the gutters effectively. Consider getting Gutter Guards for the future. Read more about Gutter Guards, below!

Review Your Insurance Policies 

You need to review your insurance policy and make sure it will cover the full cost of construction in case you lose the house in a hurricane. Make sure the insurance covers up to the cost of roofing. Some insurance companies do not cover residential roofing, so you need to check with your provider first. Apart from roofing insurance, you need to determine if you are covered by floods. Some people cover their houses against hurricanes and ignore the flood that usually follows. 

Protect your Gutters with Gutter Guards

  • PERFECT FIT – Fits new or existing gutters.
  • NO SHINGLE INTERFERENCE – Does not interfere with roof shingles.
  • INVISIBLE – Cannot be seen from the ground.
  • RAIN RESISTANT – Can handle any down pour.
  • STRENGTHENS GUTTERS – Unique front and rear attachment strengthens entire gutter system.
  • ANIMAL PREVENTION – Prevents animals and birds from nesting.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY – Made from 98% recycled aluminum.
  • AIRFLOW – Patented ribbed-design encourages airflow to lift debris off with a gentle breeze.
image of gutter guards

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