how your roof affects you home valueThe roof is one of the biggest and most prominent features of a house, but many homeowners overlook the impact it has on their home value. According to a recent study by Remodeling Magazine, a new roof increases the resale value of a home in the Jacksonville area by an average of $14,231. This means you immediately recover 76.5% of the cost of the new roof in increased home value! This return on investment makes a new roof an even better investment than almost any other project type, including a bathroom addition or remodel, new deck addition, and even a major, upscale kitchen remodel! So how does the roof increase the value of your home?

A new roof can give your home a dramatic boost in appearance. Any realtor will tell you that the curb appeal of your home is invaluable. This applies to things like dirty, old roofs, missing or unattractive landscaping, and crumbling driveways. If the house looks bad before you get inside it, many people aren’t going to be willing to even step out of the car to give it a look. Not only does it give the impression that the home has not been taken care of, buyers look at all of these problems and see expensive projects that they will need to start after they buy the house.

By installing a newer, more advanced shingle, you can drastically extend the life of your roof. While many asphalt shingles can only be warrantied for 15-25 years, there are GAF shingles that have 50-year warranties! This provides peace of mind for a prospective buyer, knowing that they will not have to worry about the cost of a new roof a few years after buying the house.

Not only can you increase the lifespan of your roof, a new roof can also lower the month to month cost of owning your home. One way to do this is by installing energy efficient shingles, like the GAF Cool Series Roofing Shingles, which can reduce the home’s energy costs. Cool Series Roofing Shingles work by reflecting sunlight, which reduces attic heat buildup and saves you on the energy required to your home. These lower monthly expenses can help attract more buyers and increase the value of your home.

Another way a new roof helps is that you don’t have to worry about losing a buyer during the inspection period due to issues with the roof. The roof is one of the first things a home inspector will look at. If it is in poor condition, the buyer could decrease their offer substantially or walk away from the deal completely. Replacing an old roof will save you from this trouble when you are ready to sell.

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