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The exterior of a chimney is very susceptible to water damage because of a variety of factors. A common issue is not having a properly built cricket on your chimney to direct water-flow down and off the roof. Without a proper cricket, water build up can occur, creating leaks and wood rot.

Chimneys require special attention and maintenance to prevent costly property damage caused by water penetration. If a chimney is neglected for an extended period of time, the system becomes compromised and can create mold or make the fireplace unsafe to use entirely. 

Chimney rebuild services we offer:

chimney repair before and after
chimney repair before and after
  • Chimney Re-siding– An exterior chimney rebuild or repair is usually completed to solve rotted wood siding on the exterior of a chimney. Typically one of the main leak points on a roofing system is the wood exterior rot on a non-masonry chimney.
  • Complete chimney rebuild – When the entire chimney’s structure is compromised, a complete rebuild is often needed. This may occur when the chimney is leaning, has severe spalling or is experiencing serious deterioration. We will strip the entire chimney down to the framing and rebuild the framing, install new flashing, and install new exterior material that matches your homes current exterior.
  • Chimney cap – Every chimney is different and a properly fitted chimney cap can be the difference between a good functioning chimney and a major interior leak. That’s why we take precise measurements and fabricate a custom chimney cap, professionally installed to withstand strong winds during storms. A custom chimney cap also provides protection from falling overhead debris, wildlife invasion, and allows for the proper exhaust of smoke from an active fire.

When looking for a trusted service provider in the North Florida area to handle your chimney rebuild needs, contact us! Along with full roofing services, we also provide both partial and complete chimney rebuilds. We will take care to only use materials that closely match your existing exterior so your new chimney fits seamlessly with your home. While onsite, our technicians can also waterproof the structure to ensure lasting durability.

chimney caps
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