Picking the Right Color for Your New Roof

One thing we come across is homeowners who aren’t sure of what color to choose for their new roof. It’s a big decision to make, and one that lasts for decades. GAF has written a great article with 4 tips for homeowners who are trying to pick the best color for their new roof.

Homeowners don’t buy roofs often, so choosing the right color is very important to get right the first time. The shingle color has to work with their house and style, complement the neighborhood, and take into consideration any other preferences the homeowner may have. Here are some tips to share with your homeowners to help them consider the best possible color for their next roof.

Match to your house. Take a look at your house’s style—do you have bricks or siding? Is your home painted? Is the style traditional or modern? Take a look at the… click here to read the rest of this article on GAF.com

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