Reliant Roofing Inc.: Problem Solvers

A Unique Approach to Developing their own Workforce has Reliant Roofing Growing Fast in Northern Florida

We feel so humbled and so honored to be the featured article in the September 2018 issue of Roofing Contractor Magazine. At Reliant, we deeply value the process of overcoming challenges in creative and innovative ways. Here is a snippet of the feature below. To read the full article, click here!

“Sean Shapiro and Cameron Shouppe know only one way to face a challenge — head-on.

The young entrepreneurs were in business together flipping houses in the greater Jacksonville area when they recognized a gap in the local construction and remodeling market. A niche they could fill and a fertile customer base they could develop with some hard work, dedication, their relentless pursuit to surpass goals, and a few extra touches that their competitors wouldn’t match.

They launched Reliant Roofing in 2015 with one crew and little more than big hopes to create and maintain a ‘side’ income. The modest idea paid off — handsomely. Way busier than they expected in 2015 and 2016, the duo knew they needed more people to meet demand and sharpened their focus on growing their workforce. New to the industry and not fully aware of the labor shortage impacting roofing contractors across the country, they started recruiting. Creatively.

The year-over-year growth of 59 percent from 2016 put was an unexpected surprise, but helped put Reliant’s potential into perspective for Shapiro and Shouppe.Now with 60 employees — the majority of whom are homegrown and fully trained — Reliant is rolling. Thus far, 2017 was the company’s most successful yet, with more than 1,000 completed reroofs that generated more than $8.5 million in revenue. That was good enough to crack RC’s 2018 Top 150 Roofing Contractors List for the first time.

The duo can hedge their bet on 2018 a little, given the strong backlog of jobs already on the schedule through year’s end.

“We were able to do more revenue than a vast majority of our direct competition in residential roofing in northeast Florida, and this was only our second full year in business,” Shapiro, Reliant’s CEO, explained. “We truly feel we’ll crush the revenue and profit numbers from this year again.”

To say the least, roofing is no longer just a hobby, or ‘side hustle’ for Shapiro and Shouppe. Both said they quickly had to reassess their business priorities and shifted their goals dramatically once they realized they were onto something bigger. It didn’t take that long; Reliant’s first crew achieved their projected annual goal of 80 reroofs within the first 60 days of business.

“We started it with just the two of us and one crew with a goal of having a ‘side business,’” said Shouppe, Reliant’s president. “We realized then how much our market yearned for a roofing contractor who designed a company around the customer experience. The rest is history.”’