Reliant Roofing Launches New and Innovative Solar and Hurricane Protection Packages

Reliant Roofing, Northeast Florida’s largest residential roofing contractor, has announced new services to revolutionize their customer’s roofing experience by incorporating solar roofing technology and full envelope hurricane protection. Starting May 1 of 2019, Reliant Roofing will be offering a full line of residential solar products for homeowners looking to offset their energy costs, along with offering industry leading fabric hurricane panels.

Reliant Roofing has always been on the cutting edge of customer experience. When considering the vast growth of their company, CEO Sean Shapiro and President Cameron Shouppe knew that offering homeowners additional services that provide long term value was the way to go.  Whether you’re a homeowner or business, electricity costs make up a large portion of your monthly expenses. With Reliant Roofing’s new solar panel system, you’ll generate your own free power for your system’s entire 25+ year lifecycle. Reliant is changing the way their customers look at solar. Due to the substantial energy bill savings, the average homeowner pays off the solar system in approximately seven to eight years and receives a Return on Investment (ROI) of 20 percent or more. “Solar panels are not an expense. Solar Panels are one of the best investments you can put towards your home. The ROI you can expect competes with even investments like stocks and bonds. Not to mention that you will have a 30% Federal Tax Credit,” said Shapiro.

The federal solar tax credit, also known as the investment tax credit (ITC), allows you to credit 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system, along with the cost of the products themselves, from your federal taxes. The ITC applies to both residential and commercial systems, and there is no cap on its value.

Today there are numerous popular solar companies available, but having a roofing contractor install your new solar system is the safest option for the integrity of your roof. Reliant Roofing is a fully licensed and insured building contractor, with many years of roofing and building experience. When installing solar panels and solar racking systems on your roof, you want to be sure you hire a contractor who understands not only the various aspects of the solar system, but also understands how to properly care for the roof when installing. The Reliant Team will be offering full roof replacement-solar install packages, along with just installing a solar system on your existing roof.

When it comes to storm and hurricane protection in the Jacksonville market area, no company can compete with the expertise possessed by Reliant Roofing. Owners Shapiro and Shouppe stay tuned in to local knowledge, always staying ahead of what is coming next. With this knowledge, they understand that local building codes will most likely be changing in the next upcoming months to stay consistent with the remaining majority of the State of Florida. In Miami-Dade, homeowners are required to have approved hurricane shutters and many local legislatures are following this trend. Hurricane season is a real threat, regardless of your location in the Sunshine state. Now that Reliant Roofing will be selling AstroGuard, a patented hurricane protection shield, Jacksonville homeowners have an affordable, effective, and user friendly option for protecting their home.

These fabric panels deliver “full envelope” protection if your home or commercial property, against hurricane force winds and preventing the rapid pressurization of the building through the doors and windows. This rapid pressurization is what causes roof lift-off and catastrophic damage. AstroGuard weighs just ounces per square yard making it one of the easiest systems to manage. These days, many insurance companies are requiring homeowners to install approved hurricane protection. In fact, Florida law requires insurance companies to offer homeowners insurance discounts or credits for existing building features or home improvements that reduce damage and loss from hurricanes.

Some may find it hard to believe that a semi-translucent fabric can provide sufficient protection. However, AstroGuard is high-strength, high-tenacity nylon hybrid fabric coated with a UV resistant resin, that resists wind, water, and flying debris in excess of the Category 5 hurricane (sustained winds over 156 mph), with a burst strength of well over 1,500 lbs. The panels are also International Building Code Compliant, High Velocity Hurricane Zone Approved, Miami Dade Building Code Approved, and Florida Building Code Approved.

Adrienne Menzies, Reliant’s Director of Public Relations stated “Many Florida homeowners choose to not have hurricane protection simply because of how difficult and truly dangerous it is to deploy heavy plywood or metal panels right before a storm. After seeing the devastation from Hurricane Michael, we wanted to offer our customers a safe and easy method to protect their home and their investment, especially when they’re spending their hard earned money on a new roof and solar system. As we all know, hurricane preparation doesn’t happen the day before a storm. Jacksonville homeowners need to make it a part of their home to ensure protection is available in a safe and timely manner.”

Those who want to purchase high-quality extreme weather products and innovating solar solutions in Florida should call Reliant Roofing at 904-657-0880, or visit their website at www.reliantroofing.com

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