Roof Maintenance Tips for Property Managers and Investors

If you’re a property manager or investor, you must constantly keep up with all aspects of maintaining a building or property. One of the biggest financial commitments is often a building’s roof. It requires routine maintenance to maximize its lifespan, and neglect can have you calling a Jacksonville roofing company for repairs or even replacement. Here are 3 roof maintenance tips for property managers and investors to make their roofs last and keep their costs down.

Keep Your Property’s Roof Clean

One of the first steps to good maintenance is keeping your roof and gutters clean. Regularly cleaning your gutters prevents them from becoming clogged. This keeps water moving and prevents leaks and water intrusion. You’ll also want to make sure the roof is clear of any debris such as branches and leaves. Check that all vents, fans, skylights, joints and flashing are free of debris and in good condition.

Know that Climate is a Big Factor

Different climates bring different challenges when it comes to roofs. While buildings in cold climates are susceptible to damage from snow and ice, here in Florida we face different issues. The harsh sun and high temperatures can cause cracked or damages shingles. It can also cause sealants and coatings to fail prematurely. Our high humidity can lead to mold spreading on the roof. Contact a Jacksonville roofing company if you notice any of these heat-related problems.

Heavy rain, tropical storms and hurricanes also come into play in our region. The high winds and heavy rainfall can severely damage a property’s roof. Shingles can break or come loose, and trees or branches can fall and cause damage. Complete sections of a roof may even come off, making water intrusion likely. You might want to remove certain trees that are close to the roof and could pose a hazard during a storm. As always inspect, your roof for damage after a storm has passed.

Pests in Florida can potentially damage your property’s roof, too. They can put holes in your roof and damage shingles, vents and gutters. It’s important to regularly inspect for pests such as termites, rats, birds and squirrels.

Have Regular Roof Inspections

Routine roof inspections are one of the most important parts of maintaining your property. They should be done once or twice a year by a reputable Jacksonville roofing company such as Reliant Roofing. Spring and Fall are good times to have your roof inspected—before and after hurricane season. Additionally, you should have your property’s roof inspected any time you notice damage after construction, severe weather or other circumstances.

Having these routine inspections can maximize the lifespan of your building’s roof. The inspection can look for issues including mold, moss, splits, cracks, missing shingles and gutter or flashing damage. Most importantly, make sure the roofing company you hire is reputable, licensed and insured. This will help you avoid receiving poor workmanship that will cost you a fortune in the end.

Consult a Jacksonville Roofing Company

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