1. I can’t see the damage from my driveway, so I must not have any!

In most cases, it takes a trained eye and roof inspection to see more hidden damage such as creasing, broken seals, and bruised and exposed asphalt. In most cases, insurance will cover an entire roof replacement, even with unseen damage from the ground level.

2. The hurricane insurance deductible is too high.

If you wait for a major storm like a hurricane, you could then have to pay a hurricane deductible which is 2% of the value of your home!  If you have damage now, you will only pay your normal deductible which is typically only $500 to $1,000, depending on your policy.

3. Won’t it increase my insurance premium if I file a claim?

Typically after a storm, insurance companies will raise rates for an entire area, not on a per-home basis.

4. My roof is old. Insurance won’t cover it.

Contrary to popular belief, the older your roof, the better chance that we can help get your insurance company to cover the costs for a full replacement. A roof becomes less repairable as it ages. Shingles often become too brittle for repair and ongoing updates to building codes can require that roofs be replaced rather than repaired. These factors, along with our expertise in roofing construction, actually increase the opportunity for a full replacement from your insurance company.