You did not see it coming, but disaster struck. Your home has suffered major damage, and you need to make a homeowners insurance claim. After all the years of paying your home insurance premiums, you expect to be covered for all of your losses. But be warned, your insurance company is most likely looking for the cheapest estimate for you claim. After you file an insurance claim for storm damage on your roof, your insurance company will send out an adjuster to inspect the damages and they will write up an estimate regarding how much they believe the replacement will cost. But here’s what your insurance company isn’t telling you: You Don’t Have To Get Multiple Estimates!

During this time, your insurance provider will likely urge you to get at least three estimates from different roofing contractors. But here’s the reality; you do not need to get multiple quotes. The reason why your insurance company wants you to get multiple quotes is simple: they want to pay the cheapest option available. But as a homeowner, the cheapest option is hardly ever the best option.

1. Are all roofers paid the same on my insurance claim?

Yes, all roofers are paid the same on insurance claims. The entire industry follows a third party pricing system called Xactimate. But a tactic that your insurance company will use to spend less money on your roof replacement is one we see in the roofing business all the time. They will most likely tell you to go out and three estimates and to send them those quotes. Once you send off the quotes, they will pick the lowest quote that was offered. Then the insurance company will tell you that they will only pay out that lower amount, even though they know that they should be approving the higher amount, or the amount prescribed in Xactimate for the scope of work being completed.  That’s why we use the same Xactimate software, that way you know when you work with us, whether the amount is higher or lower, you know exactly what the insurance company is supposed to be paying you. Don’t go out and get three quotes to send to your insurance. Pick the best roofer for the job and let them use their expertise and experience to ensure you are being properly covered for the full scope of work being performed.

2. Should I accept my insurance settlement?

Giving that most people are filing a claim for the first time, you are left guessing as to what is a fair payout and what is not a fair payout. Once your insurance company sends you their initial settlement offer, you need to review it with an industry professional for the work being performed, an attorney, or a public adjuster. Never assume that you are being paid what you are actually owed, this is never the case with your insurance company. All insurance companies’ are for-profit entities who want to minimize claim payout and maximize premiums collected. Let us help you navigate the paperwork to ensure the full scope of work is being paid for.

3. Who is the best roofer near me?

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