Save Money by Avoiding these 6 Common Roof Maintenance Mistakes

A little bit of roof maintenance can save you a lot of money in the long run. For example, knowing the causes of granule loss on asphalt shingle roofs can help stave off premature wear and tear. Still, if you’re not careful, you might end up making mistakes that could actually add to the wear and tear. Here’s advice from Reliant Roofing, a GAF Master Elite Certified Jacksonville roofing company, on how to avoid the most common roof maintenance mistakes.

1. Don’t Ignore Loose Debris

Those loose twigs and branches will just blow over when it gets windy, right? Wrong. Some of them will get stuck between the shingles and won’t just fall off. When they get stuck there, they’ll snag more and more debris, and they’ll accumulate. All the debris will clog the drainage, scratch against the tiles and do a number on your roof.

It can be tedious to remove the last few branches after a storm, but it is worth the time.

2. Don’t Let Your Gutters Get Clogged

So your roof is finally clear, but did you check the gutters? You can’t count on rain to wash away debris in your gutters. If they aren’t clean and clear, the accumulated debris there will eventually cause a clog. That means rainwater won’t drain off your roof properly, leading to serious damage.

3. Don’t Let Fungi or Algae Grow On Your Roof

Moss and fungi on the surface of your roof contribute to the erosion of your shingles. Don’t ignore the growing layers of fungi and algae. Unfortunately, they won’t just die when it gets sunny. Get some moss remover and make sure to read the instructions carefully. Never pressure wash your shingles!

4. Immediately Tend to Cracks and Rust

These signs of wear and tear shouldn’t be ignored. Cracks in your shingles will let more water through their protective outer layers. When this happens the cracks will expand or blisters will form. Untreated rust will just expand, or the worst parts will crumble, allowing water to leak in. If you notice water damage due to cracked shingles, contact a GAF Master Elite Certified Jacksonville roofing company immediately.

Seal cracked mortar, brush rusted parts and prime and paint the metal. Don’t let them deteriorate!

5. Clear Overhanging Branches

If the branches of any surrounding trees reach your roof, all sorts of critters can just climb on your roof. They can damage the roof just by running around up there. Overhanging branches also drop dirt and debris onto the roof. You want to be sure to trim branches away from your roof. Especially during storm season.

6. Tread Carefully

Be sure you’re not walking carelessly on the shingles. Too much weight and repeated pressure can damage your shingles. Damaged shingles can allow water to leak in, causing extensive damage. Walk carefully to avoid damaging the roof. (And make sure you don’t step on anything slippery while you’re up there!)

Contact a GAF Master Elite Certified Jacksonville Roofing Company for Help

Avoiding these mistakes will help keep your roof that your roof in pristine condition. Small issues can snowball and lead to costly repairs down the line. If you notice any issues with your roof, contact Reliant Roofing, a GAF Master Elite certified Jacksonville roofing, today to schedule an inspection.