Hurricanes are a major concern if you live in Florida. They can destroy entire cities and communities. But natural disasters are not the only thing that can be devastating to a home or business. Accordion and rolldown shutters can stop more than just the elements, they also serve as exceptional security shutters. Rising crime is a constant threat. Our Rolldown and Accordion security shutters for homes and businesses from Reliant are an excellent way to protect your property from break-ins, vandalism, forced entry, theft, and other related threats. They’re made from top-grade aluminum construction highly resistant to wind, water, shock, impact, and abrasion. Reliant is the EXCLUSIVE Nautilus installer in NE Florida. These shutters are typically mounted on the exterior of a wall. These shutters can also be noise/light reducing. Available in manual and automatic models. The unique, patented design of the Nautilus Rolling Shutter System provides many new features and benefits; combined with increased strength and versatility, this shutter is in a class of its own.

How Do Security Shutters Work?

Rolldown security shutters are metal panels that slide down over your doors and windows. These impact-resistant hurricane shutters attach above your windows. They roll up, hence the name, and store away in an enclosed box permanently attached to your home. They can be non-motorized where they work by easily pulling them down or lifting them up, or motorized that will shut at the press of a button (there are even wifi/smartphone apps you can use to deploy them). Motorized shutters are ideal for anyone who may be away from their home or business and want the peace of mind that they can secure it any time. Our rolldown security shutters provide unmatched crime prevention for homes, businesses, government facilities, and commercial properties alike.

Why Do You Need Security Shutters?

A majority of all break-ins will occur through your windows and doors. Therefore it only makes sense to secure the weak points inherent to all buildings and homes. Residential and commercial security shutters are a worthy investment for so many reasons:

  • Strong theft and vandalism deterrent
  • With a wind mitigation report, our shutters will reduce insurance costs with many providers
  • Superior aesthetics to the “prison” bar styled security barriers
  • Rolldown and accordion shutters also protect the glass from flying debris during a storm
  • Can offer an energy bill reduction with light reduction and less cooling needed


  • Security doors and security shutters are versatile in their design and function
  • Manual or automatic options
  • Open and close smoothly with little effort, making them easy to use
  • Available in 4 standard color options
  • Can be made to look discreet when open