Frequently Asked Solar Questions

FAQ’s answering questions related to solar panels, savings, and how solar works.

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Reliant Roofing is a fully licensed and insured solar, roofing, and building contractor. When installing solar panels and solar racking systems on your roof, you want to be sure you hire a contractor who understands not only the various aspects of the solar system, but also understands how to properly care for the roof when installing. As a roofing contractor, we understand all of the technicalities of the integration of a solar and roof system. Last but not least, as you will see in our in-home consultation, its more financially beneficial to combine the roofing and solar services together.

No. Solar panels are extremely affordable and should be viewed as a long term investment.

Your solar system can save you your entire out of pocket roofing expense. Over the life of the solar system, we’ve seen savings calculations up to $100,000. Many Reliant customers completely offset their current utility rate**. Three factors affect whether you will save with Solar:

1) How many panels your home will qualify for

2) How much electricity your household uses

3) Your current utility rate

Results vary per customer.

Yes, but performance may be affected. Solar panels produce more energy when the sun is shining. However, our engineers will design your custom system with weather conditions in mind.

Yes. Reliant Solar uses “on-grid” systems, meaning that they are still connected to the electrical grid. On-grid solar energy systems are necessary to transfer excess power into the grid, which can result in a credit to customers in Florida. On-grid systems also keep you connected to the grid for additional power from the utility if necessary.

We conduct an on-site assessment and inspection to determine if your home is compatible for solar. Here are some examples of what we evaluate to make sure that solar is a good fit:

  • Roof design, size, pitch, and direction
  • Shading of the roof caused by tree coverage, other homes, etc.
  • Roof obstructions such as chimneys, pipes, etc.

No. This misconception exists due to poor installations made by solar contractors, who do not have a roofing license and do not understand all of the variables that apply in a roof. Our solar panels are not attached directly to your roof, but rather to a racking system that has been wind, water, and fire tested to ensure no leaks or damage will occur. The racking system will integrate seamlessly without compromising the integrity of the roof or shingles. This is why having a roofing contractor install your solar system is so important. Our roofing team will work directly with our solar team to ensure all components are installed correctly, water tight, and passes inspection. Additionally, shingles on your roof will often last longer under installed panels because they are less exposed to UV light.

Obtaining approval to operate a solar system and start generating solar energy largely depends on your local city and utility company.

 If you purchase one of our solar system packages with a battery, you can utilize and operate your solar system at any time, even during an outage!

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