What Causes Cupping and Curling on Asphalt Shingles?

Cupping and curling shingles on your roof are a sign that something is wrong. Cupping is when the center of the shingle is concave or depressed, so the tile forms a cup. Curling is when the edges turn up, even if the center is flat. If you notice cupping and curling of your asphalt shingles, you should call a Jacksonville roofing company right away for an inspection. Knowing the causes behind them can actually help prevent them from occurring. Or, at the very least, you’ll know to call the pros before it’s too late and the problem has become an emergency.

So what causes cupping and curling in asphalt shingles?

Normal Wear and Age

Cupping and curling asphalt shingles can be expected at the end of your roof’s life, or if it is not built to withstand harsh weather conditions. While you can replace individual shingles or small groups of shingles, if your roof is that old or that worn down as a whole, more and more of them will degrade. Unless you want your roof to look like a giant checkerboard, eventually you’ll have to have it replaced entirely!

Extreme Weather

If your roof isn’t that old but the shingles are cupping and curling, it may be because of really harsh weather. Hail, varying extremes of temperature and moisture, can induce as much wear and tear as years of normal exposure. With hail, for example, some parts of the roof may be more damaged than the others. That can be fixed by replacing the specific tiles, rather than the entire roof. Getting some shade on your roof, with some surrounding trees, can also help mitigate extreme heat. High quality shingles like the GAF line of products are designed to take the worst mother nature can throw at you.

Poor Roof Ventilation

Extreme temperatures can come from under the roof too. Shingle damages is usually caused by poor ventilation of the roof system. Other components of the roof, even the structure of the upper floors, can be adversely affected by high temperatures. A properly ventilated attic can do a lot to prevent damage from occurring.

Insufficient Binders

If the shingles are curling and cupping relatively early on in your roof’s lifespan, and it hasn’t been exposed to extreme weather and the roof’s well-ventilated, the manufacturing defects might be the cause.

If not enough asphalt-based binder was applied, it can wash off prematurely and the underlying layer can’t resist UV and heat damage as well. The shingles then curl up, even though the roof is still years away from the end of its lifespan.

Do you suspect a manufacturing defect with your asphalt shingles? Reliant Roofing can inspect your roof and determine if that’s the case.

Bad Handling

Defects can occur even if the asphalt shingles were manufactured and installed properly. They are caused if the shingles are mishandled or stored in less than ideal conditions before they’re placed on your roof. They could’ve been exposed to rain or baked by the sun if they weren’t stored right, so by the time they get on your roof they’ve already got a lot of mileage on them.

Be sure you have a record of who installs the roof and what materials were used. That way the manufacturer can assist you if the shingles fail. Or, better yet, make sure your shingle installation was done by a GAF Master Elite Certified roofing company!

Schedule an Inspection with a Licensed & Insured Jacksonville Roofing Company

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