Storm damage?
You may qualify for a FREE roof replacement!

Were you affected by the February 6th storm that caused widespread roof damage in NE Florida? 70+ MPH winds have been reported in many locations around the First Coast area.

We recommend that you do not attempt to climb up on your roof to check for damage. Especially after a storm, the roof structure may be weakened and shingles may be slippery. If you suspect roof damage, call us!

Before you file an insurance claim, have one of our trained expert assessment specialists perform a FREE inspection. Our insurance claims coordinator will then work with your insurance provider, making it an easy and stress-free process for you, while helping to get the full scope of work you deserve.


Dealing with the inconvenience and frustration of a home damaged from a major storm can be trying enough, but a shady storm chaser can make matters worse. Make sure that you align yourself with a local and ethical contractor to ensure you are protected.


Fully licensed and insured

Largest locally owned residential roofer

Trained W2, roofing professionals

High quality GAF products with lifetime manufacturer warranty

GAF Master Elite Certified (only the 3% of roofing contractors earn this)

Fully transferable Lifetime workmanship coverage warranty

NO MONEY UP FRONT. Max cost: your deductible

Storm Chasers:

Responsible for MANY roofing scams

Not always licensed or local owned

Typically just a salesperson who is SUBBING OUT THE WORK

Generally unfamiliar with Florida building codes

They chase insurance money, then vanish after they cash the check

They offer substandard warranties, backed by unknown subcontractors

Use minimum required roofing products to maximize THEIR PROFIT


Step By Step

1. Reliant inspects your roof for storm damage.

2. Insurance contingency agreement with Reliant is completed.

(Tarps are deployed, if deemed necessary by Reliant.)

3. You will file your claim with your insurance company. You will provide Reliant with the name and contact information of the field adjuster and/or desk adjuster.

4. Your field adjuster will inspect your roof and verify damages notated by Reliant. This usually happens within 1 to 2 weeks.

(Timing of this step is dependent on your insurance carrier and will vary based on the volume of their claims.)

5. With Reliant’s guidance, your claim will be reviewed, processed, and approved by your insurance company.

(Timing of this step is dependent on your insurance carrier and will vary based on the volume of their claims.)

6. Your first insurance check will be sent to you. This is the original claim amount minus the insurance deductible and recoverable depreciation.

(This check may require endorsement by your mortgage company in order for you to deposit the check.)

7. You will choose your roofing products and colors.

(Upgrade options are presented at this time.)

8. Your new Reliant roof is installed! You pay Reliant the original claim amount received (the total of the first check, in correlation to the scope of work Reliant provided) and your deductible, along with any optional upgrades and/or change orders.

9. Reliant submits the final invoice and required paperwork to your insurance company to finalize and close out your claim.

10. The second insurance check is sent to you for the balance of the claim. This is referred to as recoverable depreciation. You pay Reliant this amount.

(This check may require endorsement by your mortgage company in order for you to deposit the check.)

So why act now to get a FREE inspection?

Left unattended, leaks may develop in your attic that could result in wood rot, mold, and further damage. Even structural damage may be caused in more severe cases. If your damage is not documented soon, you may miss the opportunity to file a legitimate insurance claim. Don’t miss out!


1. I can’t see the damage from my driveway, so I must not have any!
In most cases, it takes a trained eye and roof inspection to see more hidden damage such as creasing, broken seals and bruised and exposed asphalt. In most cases, insurance will cover an entire re-roof for only minimal damage.

2. The insurance deductible is too high.
If you wait for a major storm like a hurricane, you could then have to pay a hurricane deductible which is 2% of the value of your home! If you have damage that can be covered by insurance now, you will only pay your normal deductible which is typically only $500 to $1,000, depending on your policy.

3. Won’t it increase my insurance premium if I file a claim?
By law in Florida, insurance companies cannot raise premiums based on the claim of an individual homeowner.

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